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Organization Brief Introduction

  * Business Functions and Duties


Business Functions and Duties

Receiving and Custody SectionĄG 
There are 1 chief which manage the section service; 1 specialist which assist section service and 2 head. 
In charge the following item: 

Registration Sub-SectionĄG

1.receiving registration of the national non-public property. 
2.receiving registration of the country accepts the donation property. 
3.the utilization of ownership certificate. 
4.receiving registration of arriving real estate to pay tax. 
5.receiving registration and transfers ownership of securities.. 
6.the disposal of property right dispute procedure case. 
7.the land registration of national property manage computing. 

Inheritance Sub-SectionĄG 
1. receiving the nobody inheritance and registration of inheritance supervisor. 
2. the creditor reports processing creditor's rights case. 
3. disposal of the inheritance case regard to proc