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Organization Brief Introduction

*History -- Organization history of Keelung Branch Office

Organization history of Keelung Branch Office

For the national government manage receiving property from Japan beteen Taiwan recovers, we established the Taiwan Province property from Japan committee in January, 1946. We had been change the reorganization through the clear office of the Taiwan Province property from Japan, the Taiwan Province public property administrative office, the public property substitute management department of Taiwan land bank .Because the Control Yuan think to carry out the national land policy effectively and to managed the huge national property properly, we should establish responsibility organization by the central.Therefore we had established National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance officially under the Control Yuan planning to imput on December 12, 1980. We established the Northern Region Office in Taipei, and managed the national property service of Taipei City, Taipei County , Keellung City , Taoyuan County, Hualien County and Taitung County.Belong the service of Keellung area,we also established Keellung B

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