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Organization Brief Introduction

*History -- Organization history of Taoyuan Branch Office

Organization history of Taoyuan Branch Office

National Property Administration established on December 12, 1980. For the service need, we established each region office of Northern, Central, Southern, Eastern in Taipei, Taizhong, Gaoxiong, Hualien according to article 9 of our administration organic rules at that time. The national property service in Taoyuan County subordinates the Northern Region Office to control over.This office established in Taipei. The jurisdiction scope is vast. Because the distances of two place between Taoyuan and Taipei is quite far, the round-trip takes time. For the work facilitate and to avoid the Taoyuan County public running about the pain beteen two places°Awe accredit special service commissioner on June 2 , the same year in Taoyuan County according to “Regulations of Each Counties (Administration) Specialist handle for Each Region Office of National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance” proclaimed by our administration Taiwan property (1) No.4676 on June 1, 1961. Take finance office of Taoyuan count

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