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Organization Brief Introduction

*History -- Organization history of Yilan Branch Office

Organization history of Yilan Branch Office

For the effective execution of land policy and responsibility management huge national real estate under the Control Yuan planning , National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance had been established officially on December 12, 1980. Northern Region Office was established in Taipei , and it control over Taipei, Taipei County, Keellung, Taoyuan County, Yilan County, Hualien County and Taitung County. It regard to the acquisition, management, utilization, revenue, disposition and develope of national property. Because the distance is 100 kilometers beteen Yilan County and Taipei. For while the Yilan County people arrange the national property service, they can avoid going and returning painly. According to “the directions of specialist for each regions office of National Property Administration ,Ministry of Finance ” proclaimed by Ministry of Finance order the Taiwan property (1) No.4676 on June 20, 1961 and agreed by Finance Hall of Taiwan provincial government the Taiwan property No.610

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